About Us

De Leo is a leading provider of luxury imported textiles to furniture manufacturers, jobbers and retail.  We offer a vast breadth of chenilles, textures, velvets, and prints at great values.  Our vendors and partners in Turkey are among the very best textile producers in the world.  In addition, our High Point design team creates and colors original product specifically for the US market.  As an industry leader, De Leo is committed to being ahead of the trends, and keeping up with the ever changing needs of the market.  We are equally committed to providing the very best in quality, customer service, and on time delivery. “Our unique concept capitalizes on the incredible capabilities of Turkish mills paired with the best direction from an American Textile design team!” says Craig De Leo, CEO.

History of Edward B. De Leo Co. Inc.

Edward Bruce DeLeo, born in the Bronx New York was raised in a humble household where his mom was a homemaker to 3 Children and his father worked a local newspaper stand.  He was taught at a young age the value of family and what it takes to be a provider. He learned about the importance of having a strong work ethic and that every penny saved is a penny earned.  His parents taught him the importance of good diet and exercise which to this day has paid many dividends. After graduating from Manhattan College with high honors, president and top of his class, he went on to serve his time in the US Navy where he continued to show his strong work ethic and Leadership.  After finishing his time in the Navy, Edward did his graduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania.   After establishing himself in the workplace, Edward landed a secure job as a salesperson for the Talmadge company. Talmadge was an industry leader in supplying Automotive fabrics and supplies to the aftermarket. Selling for another company wasn't enough for someone with the drive and Leadership like Edward De Leo had so he said his goodbyes to Talmadge and in 1962 decided to start his own company which he named Edward B DeLeo Company Incorporated.  He started the business with no warehouse, very little money and only a table and phone in his mom's kitchen.  This set the stage for what DeLeo  has become today.